Basic Instincts: Sarah Be Gone

By Michael Willard

I have nothing against Sarah Huckabee Sanders, other than the fact she is a world-class prevaricator. I’m sure she is a good mama, makes wonderful cherry pies and, as the saying goes, is God fearing.

What she is not is a professional spokesperson for the leader of what most people, including me, consider the free world. The news media should ignore her. Really, just walk away, dammit.

I feel fairly sure respectable media doesn’t use RT (the Russian English language propaganda machine) as honest-to-goodness truth. So, why pay attention to a known spreader of Trump poppycock.

As edification, I shy from calling anyone — other than our President whose documented fibbing could fill the pages of “Gone With the Wind” — a liar. The word to me is nuclear-tinged.

Also, in the age of Trump, the word itself has become a cliche’.

However, Sarah has besmirched a mostly honorable profession, one in which I have served from time to time for a governor, a US Senate leader and numerous CEOs. This pains me greatly.

She is an amateur at anything other than stonewalling for which one would have to give her high marks in low performances. She’s not a press secretary, and its doubtful she could hold the job down as spokesperson for a tribal chief in Fatu-Hiva.

She also is not — if we refer to a time-tested script — a strategic counselor as to what works and doesn’t work with the media and the public which is, in reality, one and the same.

A good press secretary is a cheerleader — but also a contrarian, and a practicer in the art of discerning reality from La-La land. This is what makes the person useful to the boss as well as the press.

If the President is in danger of making a horses’ ass of himself (or of America for that matter), a press secretary realizes he or she might be the last person standing between the boss and total idiocy.

You speak up. You present alternatives. You buy time for a cooling off period.

You, in essence, throw yourself in front of the train because you are well aware the suck-ups and sycophants in the room are packed as tight as sardines in a tin.

But, alas, Sarah simply doesn’t understand the media and her role as press secretary. My guess is she has never worked on the other side of the fence as a reporter.

These days Sarah is playing hide-and-seek from her official appearances in front of the media, and that would be just fine if the news folks would simply ignore her, as if she were the invisible flack.

But they don’t. She makes selective TV appearances and gives seemingly impromptu interviews in front of the White House. The lady fibs big time with each sunrise. The media has become numb to it.

No, she doesn’t tell whoppers as much as the Liar-in-Chief in the oval office, but at a sufficient machine gun-like rattle that is alarming to anyone who has held a similar position in government or industry.

In a Presidential Administration of scary anomalies and abnormalities, the robotic Sarah is like an antagonist in an updated Aesop Fable. She is effortless in spinning — turning her words into fried air.

To say she lied to us is an understatement. She fibbed big time to we the people. We know this because it is in black and white in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Under oath — out of fear of perjury with G-men in the room — she admitted she lied when she said she had heard from FBI rank and file they were dissatisfied with director James Comey’s leadership.

The exact opposite, we now know, was true.

Sarah’s declaration was a pants on fire, five-alarm blaze of a prevarication. For this reason, we, the people and the press should pay absolutely no attention to her.

This was, what I call, a defining lie. She deserves, in soccer terms, a red card.

She should be ignored at the official White House podium. The press shouldn’t even ask questions because the programmed answers will be positioning statements and pablum. They shouldn’t show up.

Sanders is that misused and Donald Trump’s favorite phrase: Fake News.

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M. Willard

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