Snowflakes, MAGA-Men and Ice Cold Beer

By J. Michael Willard

Was it simply sibling rivalry that caused Cain in the Biblical yarn to whack his brother Abel? I wonder if it could have been an earlier version of a red state/blue state political brouhaha .

The divinity scholars suggest that God looked more favorably on Abel’s offering, which seems to imply the deity was playing favorites, much like one suspects US Attorney General William Barr.

Perhaps Abel was a snow flake, and Cain a red-domed MAGA-man — or vice versa. It makes little difference for this discussion, except to Abel who was left stone cold dead.

God supposedly asked Cain to explain what happened to his kid brother. The response was not satisfying. The surly Cain — as if Abel were a Hispanic immigrant — replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

That, dear hearts, is the question for the ages? Its resolution, one dreams, could lead to that utopian and illusive “peace on earth; good will toward men” many chant during Christmas season.

In view of Barr’s famous early memo (his job application for Attorney General) questioning whether any President could be charged with obstruction, the honest move would be for him to sit this one out ‘a la AG Jeff Sessions.

From the outset, I have no second-sight as to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, and by the time this missive is published perhaps the entire episode will already be laid out like a battlefield diorama.

When the four-page synopsis was handed down on a weekend, I didn’t go into a meltdown and gobble a handful of Prozac or drown myself in cheap hooch from Wal-Mart. I did think about it, though.

This, of course, might be contrary to popular belief for those who have seen my Facebook posts, and know me to be a happy contrarian to most all things related to Trump.

These folks, God bless them, shout “Haters are going to hate”, which sort of doesn’t make sense, and would seem rather obvious. As for me, I once hated Barry Manilow’s music, but got over it.

I’m fairly hate proof.

If the CliffsNotes version of the AG ’s letter had been the equivalent of “hang him high”, my hope is I would not have jumped and clicked my heels in celebration. But, who knows.

As a caveat, I also have little expertise regarding Bible stories. I am more familiar with the backs of cereal boxes. I also seriously doubt the 10 Commandments included “collusion” and “obstruction”.

Will the eventual report portray a Trump at his Waterloo, or perhaps him as Teddy Roosevelt charging San Juan Hill on a mighty steed? Either way, It should not be — and I know this sounds naive — about flags of surrender or celebrations of victory.

But Trump is already doing his Hale Erwin Victory Dance on the 18th hole, and has taken a Victory Lap like those folks do after winning the Daytona 500. It could be — and I imagine it is — premature.

Haters might be going to hate — but leakers are certainly going to leak.

For just a moment, the Trump demonstration reminded me of George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” sign during the Iraq War. The difference, of course, is that Trump often denies the obvious.

There is a much larger, looming question that pains me. It is as dark a cloud as I have seen over seven decades of ringside seats to civil wars, revolutions and political donnybrooks in various counties.

I got my stripes as a staffer in a US Senate that had giants — Democrat and Republican — who walked across the aisle, and often compromised. They had differences, but it never reached the animus of today.

This brings me to social media. Most all of it has been weaponized in some way, shape or form, and the cure absent a nuclear decimation of all is located, perhaps, in another galaxy not yet discovered.

However, even now there can be truces with hardly a scintilla of surrender. I was once given good advice by a life coach who said a show-stopping answer might be as follows: “You could be right.”

I haven’t used the phrase, but I might — someday.

My brother Alan is a Trump supporter. We tangle from time-to-time on social media, but we both have become so predictable it is like throwing fluffy popcorn at one another.

And, it’s a waste of good popcorn.

If I post something rather partisan, he will reply in kind. I will generally ignore his reply in kind, realizing that in the scheme of things, 1.4 billion Chinamen don’t really give a damn.

This puts it in perspective.

Then, on a weekend, we will gather around his Green Egg cooker and enjoy fellowship, good food, cold beer and talk sports. This transcends politics. Neither Trump nor Hillary are mentioned.

This is the way it should be.

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Michael Willard, Rev. Joy Willard-Williford and Alan Willard with our late mother, Mary Willard

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